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Welcome to HoC Express - your VERY first Quick Service Dispensary in Thailand!


Jomtien Beach

Our first cannabis shop and cafe is opening in Pattaya, right next to Street Food Jomtien Beach 168. This location, just like all of our future locations, will offer an experience, unlike anything you've ever seen before.


Highly Curated Products

We take great pride in our product offering and will only sell high-grade, tested, and carefully curated cannabis products. We have already locked in our sources in Thailand and will offer the best selection in each city.We are a group of cannabis lovers and entrepreneurs with decades of experience and we simply love great weed - so we will only sell you the best.


Tested Products

In a sea of terrible quality and unsafe cannabis products, we do things differently. All of our products are being tested and approved by our HoC team before ever being sold. You can always trust us to get the safest and best weed with us!


Educated Service

OG Kush, Green Crack, Pineapple Express, Sour Diesel.. there are thousands and thousands of different cannabis strains but do you know what to buy? Does any of these names make any sense to you? No worries, because we got you covered!
Our trained and professional HoC Educators and Budtenders will help you find the perfect strain so you will always have a good and healthy experience with cannabis.


A New Way of Consuming Cannabis

With the rise in popularity and overall acceptance of cannabis, many more cannabis users will soon be looking for places to get quick service and relax. We’re meeting the customer where they’re at by being proactive in providing them a service they didn’t know they needed until now. The first of its kind, we are revolutionizing the use of social cannabis.

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